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Does Atlanta Have Hard or Soft Water? Understanding Your Water Supply

This is a question All Heating and Plumbing’s experts hear on a near daily basis: is Atlanta water hard? Fortunately, the answer is no! Atlanta is lucky to have very soft water, with an average water hardness of around 21 PPM, far below Georgia’s average of 60 PPM. This means Atlanta’s residents have access to water quality that homes in the majority of US states can only dream of, with 85% of the country having very hard water.

But what do the terms hard water vs soft water really mean? In this blog post, we’ll explain the benefits of soft water, the problems hard water can pose, and share a little known health warning for residents in soft water areas.

Hard Water vs Soft Water: Understanding the Difference

Hard water is a type of water that contains high levels of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. By far the most common type of water in the US and around the world, hard water problems include a range of plumbing problems, scale buildup in appliances and pipes caused by calcium in the water, dry skin and hair, cloudy water, spots on dishes, and reduced suds from soaps.

Soft water is largely free of these minerals, either naturally or due to water treatment. That’s why in areas with hard water, residents will often employ expensive water softeners and systems to access soft water benefits without moving to another state!

Soft water’s benefits include preventing scale buildup, leaving skin and hair feeling soft, making soap suds more effective, and better tasting drinking water. 

However, soft water can, in some circumstances, pose health concerns. Soft water contains sodium, making it unsuitable for Atlanta residents on a low sodium diet due to heart or blood pressure issues. 

If your home has lead pipes, soft water can as increase the risk of lead consumption in your drinking water, as it does not build up a protective scale inside lead pipes in the way hard water would.

Addressing Soft Water Concerns in Atlanta

While many appreciate soft water’s benefits, if you’re worried about the health issues soft water may pose for those on a low sodium diet, or in older homes with lead pipes, there are some solutions an educated plumber can provide to harden your water supply.

The most trustworthy solution is to install a reverse-osmosis filter. This is a water purification technology that removes salt and other particles from your water supply.

Speak to a plumber near you about the best methods for ensuring your water’s safety and quality.

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