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Look Out for These Red Flags That Could Indicate a Broken Sewer Line

For homeowners in Atlanta, there is nothing worse than dealing with a broken sewer line. A broken or blocked sewer line can have serious implications for your property and your family’s health, so being aware of the symptoms is essential. Being able to identify signs of a broken sewer line can save you time, money and stress, which is why it’s important to know what to look out for. In this blog post, we’ll explore some telltale signs that allow you to detect whether your sewer line may need repairs before costly damages result.

Spot The Signs: How to Tell If You Need A Repair For Your Broken Sewer Line

  • Slow Flow in Drains 

In some cases, a slow-moving drain is a sign of clogged pipes. But if this issue affects more than one of your home’s drains and happens consistently, it could indicate a broken sewer line. Before long, you could find yourself dealing with expensive repairs and even costly property damage due to sewage backup. On the other hand, by addressing the issue quickly and getting to the root of why your drains are flowing slowly in the first place, you might save yourself time, stress, and money down the road.

  • Gurgles after Flushing

You shouldn’t be hearing strange gurgling noises when flushing toilets. If there is, then there may be a damaged sewage line. Contact a sewage line repair professional in Atlanta right away.

  • Sewer-Gas Odor

If you can smell sewer gas inside or outside of your home or building, there is probably a crack in your sewer system. The only exception to the rule that a sanitary sewer must be airtight throughout are vent stacks on your roof, which enable sewage to flow downhill. This implies that unless there was a crack or opening in your sanitary sewage lines, you shouldn’t ever smell sewer stench.

  • Water Level Variability in the Toilet

If your toilet’s water level changes frequently, you may have a faulty sewage line. It’s likely that the high water levels one day and the low water levels the next are symptoms of a potentially broken sewage line. To be certain, contact a licensed plumber in Atlanta for an inspection and sewer line repair.

  • Blockage and Backup Issues

Have you experienced clogs and backups in your bathtubs, showers, or toilets? Home drain openings are frequently impacted by sewer line problems. Think about the type of obstruction; if only one fixture is impacted, it’s typically an issue with only that drain. If every drain in the house is clogged, the sewage line is where the issue is.

  • Creatures and crawlers

If you see an increase in bugs and rodents, especially with any of the other signs, it should set alarm bells ringing loudly. Sewers are frequently home to rodents. But they can squeeze through any gaps in the sewer system and appear in or around your house. Similarly, standing water can cause insects to hatch and multiply quickly.

  • Greener Lawn Patches

Does your lawn have an unnaturally nice green appearance, especially in a patch? It can be an indication of a damaged sewer pipe. In a sense, fertilizer is being dumped onto your grass via a damaged sewer line. Thanks to all those nutrients, a patch of grass in contact with a sewage spill can appear lush and green. Yes, we know that’s gross, so call a sewer line plumber immediately.

What should you do if you suspect a broken sewer line?

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s essential to come up with a solution quickly. If left too long, the consequences could be expensive and damaging. Wastewater not properly drained can cause plumbing fixtures to back up and lead to an unhealthy, unsanitary home environment. Sewer backups can also contaminate fresh water supplies and cause damage to your property. If you suspect a broken sewer line, the first step is to avoid using the toilets and drains where you see the backup or blockage. Next, find a good sewer line repair professional near you and book an inspection and repair. 

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