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The Truth About Sewer Cleaning and Basement Flooding

The thought of sewer cleaning and basement flooding can bring up all sorts of unpleasant mental images. From musty odors to slimy gunk and water damage, these issues are enough to make any homeowner shudder. 

But before all this nasty business gets worse, allow us to share with you some of the top signs that your drains and sewer need cleaning. By knowing about them, you can cut down on emergency plumbing visits and save money while protecting your health and preventing long-term damage to your home’s foundation.

First, let’s talk about sewer cleaning and why it’s important.

What Is Sewer Cleaning and Why Is It Important?

Drain or sewer cleaning is the process of removing accumulated dirt, grime, debris or other substances that causes blockages and other drainage issues. Drain cleaning experts use various methods like mechanical drain cleaners, high-pressure water jetting, modern sewer cameras etc to locate and clean clogs. Drain cleaning is essential for maintaining clean, efficient, and safe plumbing systems and to avoid costly repairs down the line. It is important to note that you should hire a licensed plumbing company, like All Heating and Plumbing for hassle-free and well-functioning sewage systems. We have decades of experience in professional sewage cleaning services in Atlanta and guarantee thorough care of your drain and sewer lines.

How Do You Know if You Need Sewer Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is an important part of home maintenance but knowing when to invest in these services can help save you time and money. Malfunctioning drains are not only troublesome but can also cause property damage if left unchecked. 

In general, most residential sewer lines need to be cleaned every 18 months to two years.

When it’s time for cleaning, seek out the best drain cleaning services to ensure that your sewer doesn’t become a potential health hazard or inconvenience. The best drain cleaners use the latest equipment while guaranteeing the highest quality service. 

Signs That Your Home Might Have a Sewer Problem

Here are signs that you might have a sewer-related problem on your hands:

  • Unpleasant odors coming from the drains: These odors may be caused by sewer gas leaking into the home. 
  • Slow drainage or gurgling in your drains: If you notice water draining slowly or making strange gurgles when it drains, it could be a sign of a clogged pipe or blocked sewer line. 
  • Water backing up in your toilet: If water begins collecting in your toilet, something is wrong with your sewers.
  • Presence of mold and mildew: Sewer problems can often lead to mold and mildew buildup in areas where water has backed up or is leaking out of the pipes.
  • Pooling water around the yard or property: When there’s an issue with your sewer pipes, it can cause water to pool on your property. 
  • Unusually high water bills: If you’re noticing unusually high water bills even though you haven’t been using more water than usual, it could be due to a leaky pipe somewhere in the system.
  • Foul-smelling sewage in toilets and sinks: If sewage is backing up in toilets and sinks for no apparent reason, this is likely due to blockages further down the line. 
Sewer Cleaning and Basement Flooding

If you notice any of these at home, it could be time for sewer cleaning and basement flooding prevention. Call All Heating and Plumbing to have our licensed plumbing company in Atlanta take a look.

How To Prevent Basement Flooding

There are a few inconveniences at home that are worse than a flooded basement. Though preventing it from flooding can seem like an intimidating task, it doesn’t have to be.

 Drain cleaning is one of the best ways to eliminate the risk of flooding.

By hiring the best drain cleaners in your area and investing in regular drain cleaning services, you can keep harmful buildup from getting into your plumbing system and ensure that water can flow freely. Making sure you utilize the best drain cleaning services and qualified cleaners to safeguard your property from costly damage due to flooding.

All Heating and Plumbing: Complete Drain Cleaning Solution and Expert Water Line Repair in Atlanta

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