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Toilet Repair & Installation Services in Atlanta, GA

Of all the plumbing problems at your home or place of business, most people would rank a clogged toilet as #1. It’s also one of the most common plumbing problems and one that is normally easy for an experienced plumber to diagnose and repair. When using a plunger proves to be ineffective in solving the problem or if the clog happens frequently, you will probably need the assistance of a Atlanta, GA professional.
Another common problem is the constant running of water from the tank into the bowl. This issue, in addition to being annoying for the constant noise it creates, can also be an expensive one when you consider the cost of all that wasted water on your monthly bills. This kind of problem is usually the result of a faulty component inside the tank that allows the water to continuously drain into the bowl.
Water may also be leaking from your toilet if the wax ring locally located between the bowl and the drain becomes cracked or dried out. You may also notice your toilet wobbling from side to side or appearing unstable if you have a broken anchor flange.

Replacing Your Toilet

Many customers with older toilets want to replace them to help give their bathroom an updated look. This is particularly the case if its color has fallen out of fashion.
Other customers grow tired of stains and discoloration. When no amount of scrubbing with even the strongest of cleaning products will remove the unsightly stain, their best choice is to have a new one installed.
Another advantage to updating your old toilet is the greater efficiency that the latest models can provide. Today’s toilets consume less water per flush thereby saving you money on your water bills.
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