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What To Do About Ghost Flushing or a Toilet Making Refill Sounds on Its Own

Do you notice your toilet filling up even when you haven’t flushed? Or perhaps you hear the sound of running water when you haven’t used it for a while?

This is more common than you think. In fact, it’s called ghost flushing or ghost leaking.

There are a number of potential reasons for this, but most often, it’s due to a leak in your toilet.

Let’s take a look at its various causes and corresponding solutions.

Exterior Leak

An external leak can develop in the toilet’s tank, bowl, or even the pipes that link your toilet to your sewage system. All of these can result in ghost flushes, so identifying the source of the leak can help you correct it.

Crack on the Bowl’s Exterior

Although cracks closer to the seat are typically difficult to see, they can appear at any time. The first indication of a leaky bowl is when the toilet appears to be “sweating” and there are drops of water running down its exterior.

What to do about ghost flushing if the outside of your bowl cracks? If this is the case, you’re usually better off replacing the entire bowl because patching it up is a temporary fix. If you try to seal the leak, you’ll likely have to deal with the same issue again because the rest of the toilet becomes susceptible to cracking

Crack on the Tank’s Exterior

The outside of the toilet tank is more likely to crack than the bowl. If the tank is accidentally knocked against the wall, its exterior could crack. Sometimes, you can end up cracking the wall and the tank at the same time.

If the crack on the tank is higher, you could try reducing the water level in the tank. It can be adjusted by turning the water level control knob which is normally close to the fill valve. Once you’ve repaired the crack, don’t forget to change the height of the toilet water.

However, if the fracture happens on the lower part of the tank, it’s best to replace the entire fixture.

Loose or Improper Piping

If the seals between the toilet and the sewer system deteriorate, loose plumbing can happen. The seal or the pipe must normally be replaced when this kind of leak occurs. If issues persist, you could have a problem with the toilet fitting itself or low water pressure.

Internal Leak

Internal leaks are frequently the main cause of ghost flushing. Numerous moving elements in toilets experience constant wear and strain. Daily use can result in one component failing which then prompts another to stop working. Eventually, the entire internal system of your toilet has to be replaced.

Faulty Toilet Flapper

One of the most common causes of ghost flushing is a faulty toilet flapper. The flapper controls the opening between the bowl and the tank. When you flush, the flapper moves away from the opening and allows water to fill the bowl.

Typically, this issue can be resolved by changing the flapper. However, if the problem recurs, it could be that the flapper is being pulled the wrong way by the toilet handle. It’s better to change the handle if this is the case.

Refill Tube Too Low

The refill tube carries water from the fill valve and into the toilet bowl. When it sits too low, it will continuously move water into your tank’s toilet before moving into the bowl, resulting in ghost flushing.

What to do about ghost flushing in this case? Take the refill tube from your overflow pipe and leave it outside. This is a temporary solution that usually works but you should still call a professional plumber and schedule a visit for for a more long-term fix.

Malfunctioning Flush Valve

The component that flushes the toilet into the sewage system is the flush valve. When a flush valve malfunctions, the system can flush continuously because the handle is being constantly pulled. The flush valve must be replaced in this situation.

What to do about ghost flushing

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